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inside the flightdeck

Here are some drawings/schematics/scans/specs of some misc cockpit related stuff (click on thumbnail to view full picture)

Jan 24 2004 Throttle lever drawings

A drawing in DXF format of my throttle levers. They are not dimensions taken from real aircraft. They fit my throttle unit. The numbers should be in the ballpark of the real throttle, but can be a few centimeters off.
I don't have found any info on the sizes and dimensions of real B744 throttles. If you got some, please send me some infos.

Dec 8 2003 Found typo in Overhead Panel dimensions drawings

I just found a minor typo in my Overhead Panel Dimensions drawings: The Fuel System Panel height was entered as "4.825" instead of "4.875". I corrected all formats and reuploaded them. See following paragraph for links

Nov 24 2003 Accurate Main Overhead Panel Dimensions

I went over some stuff I had collected concerning overhead panel dimensions and made a drawing in tgif using this stuff. I believe that the dimensions in this drawing are 100% accurate. (not counting typos, of course). It has been crosschecked with stuff from the PS1 forum (Precision Simulator 1, and the old site. If you want to prove me wrong, then you'll have to send me a photo of the overhead, together with a ruler next to it :-) The following formats are currently available (others available upon request):


I used qcad to draw the Main Instrument Panel. This includes the correction of the error present in the old scanned hand-drawn version below. I also put 0.25cm gaps between the elements on the MIP.


According to this post on the homebuilders list, the MIP sits a an angle of 22 degrees with regard to the vertical.

Important Note: the following drawing contains an error.
The problem is that the cutout at the lower part in the center is not wide enough for the CDUs and the lower EICAS. It should be about 51.0 instead of 41.6
Above version is corrected

Drawing of the Main Instrument Panel(MIP). Note that the numbers do NOT include spaces between the instruments, so you have to add a couple of millimeters.
The numbers should be pretty close to the real thing. Most measurements were extrapolated from a couple of known measurements from the real 744 and also crosschecked against values available from

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