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Since many other cockpit builders have linkslists on their pages, we'll try to keep this one short. And we'll try to list only important/good links.

Home Cockpit Builder Resources: Mike has very good resources when it comes to cockpit building. The first site you should visit.

SimBuilders Wiki The community-based approach to collecting infos/tips/resources for simbuilders. A WikiWikiWeb site where everybody can add/changed content. Add your own ideas to it :-)

Home builder Forums:

German Homebuilders forum from Flight Express Magazine

home builder forums on

Select homebuilders homepages:

Matt Sheill's 747-400 Project Probably the most advanced and most detailed home sim around.

Pascal's B747-400 project He is using Flight Deck Solution's Panels and PVC sheets. Looks very good.

Delta Flight 767 home simulator, pretty advanced project

Daniel "dutch"'s 737-200 home cockpit, making good progress, everything is home built!

Philippe Vanagt's Fokker 50 Nearly everything home built.


FlightGear flight simulator free software/open source multiplatform flight simulator, on which our simulator is based

Precision Simulator 1 (PS1) The one and only 747-400 systems simulator. runs even on 486's.

PS1 discussion forum wanna learn about 744 systems ? lurk there :-)

Open Glass Cockpit multiplatform/multisimulator GC software. very interesting

X-Plane flight simulator, we're still waiting for a linux version of it ;-)

Supplies for home cockpit building: Has some really cool things coming up. Panels, MCP Switches, Rudder Pedals,... you name it.


747 Cutaway View

NOTAM by airport This guy took a meter tape and a photo camera into 767 and A320 cockpits to get dimensions.

Convert IATA to ICAO codes (eg. FRA -> EDDF)

PC Simulator flying techniques by a former pilot.

NIMA: Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File Approach Charts, SID, STAR,... available in PDF format

NWS Internet Weather Source METAR, TAF, ...

Flightgear based home cockpits:

There don't seem to be many home builders using flightgear for their cockpit, although this would be a very good choice since it runs on a variety of platforms, you can change the source, it has plenty of interface options,... I hope that as the word about flightgear spreads, more and more people will use it for their home cockpits.
If you do use flightgear for your home cockpit, or if you know someone who does, please tell us. We'd like to list it here. linked from the flightgear project's pages.

John Wojnaroski's 747

Sources for electronics and components: This lists primarily sources in Germany/Europe Reichelt Conrad Kessler Segor Digikey DE

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