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We are developing our own MCP from scratch: ciruits, control program, etc.

We are using Microchip's PIC16F628 microcontrollers for it. The 16F628 is basically a better, cheaper, and pin compatible version of the PIC 16F84.

Check out Byron A Jeff's page: The 16F628: Why the 16F84 is now obsolete He also has a simple programmer schematic and a patched version of the Linux picprg software to go with it. (I'm using his THVP programmer, which BTW can be seen in the pictures below)

Here's a preliminary block diagram of the circuit.

Click to enlarge [99k, 3495x2480]

B: 04 Apr 2003: Added the following schematic of the MCP:

Click to enlarge [122k, 1653x974]

Notes about above circuit schematic: Things missing in the schematic

  • the wires that are used to let the Master PIC (IC1) talk via a serial "bit-banging"-type protocol to the other PICs
  • the LEDs for the keys (design not completed yet)
  • as indicated, only 3 7-segment displays are shown, but there are 16 in total

Things that already work on my breadboard (see below for pictures)

  • serial protocol (RS-232) of master PIC with PC
  • 16 7-segment displays driven via time-multiplex technique with the 4067
  • serial protocol (bit-banging type) from master PIC to display PIC
  • set each display via a terminal program from the PC

Not built/tested yet

  • keyboard matrix (connected to IC3)

Update 20030424: Tested

  • PS/2 Mouse Interface
    • the idea is to use the quadrature encoders in the mouse as rotaries
    • why: mice are cheap, I payed less that 2 Euros (~2USD) for a el-cheapo PS/2 mouse
    • electronics already there
    • only two pins per mouse necessary (= 2 rotaries)
    • currently I have one PS/2 mouse connected to a PIC, working fine.
    • TODO: decoding mouse state inside PIC, and sending updates to display; adding a second mouse

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