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Description for Image 1:
Stephens collective (the "throttle" for helicopters).
This is the top part that houses switches for fuel cutoff, engine start, landing light, and trim.
Description for Image 2:
Lots of hot glue :-)
The part with the yellow gear wheel is turnable to control engine rpm. Its a PVC pipe on a PVC pipe on a metal pipe...
Description for Image 3:
The potentiometer and the gear wheels.
Description for Image 4:
Here you can see the outer PVC pipe (the one thats turnable for engine control) the inner one and the metal pipe inside that one.
Description for Image 5:
Many cockpit builders have found out that the red switch guards as found on real airplanes are very expensive. Stephen made a small version himself. This switch is the fuel cutoff switch on the collective.
Description for Image 6:
guard opened
Description for Image 7:
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