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Description for Image 1:
This is one of our new throttle handles. They are made from 3.75cm diameter wood.
We use a wood lathe to obtain the shape.
Description for Image 2:
The width is 2.8cm.
The cut-out where the handle is better visible in the following pics.
Description for Image 3:
The cut-out was made with our newly built milling machine (CNC, but without the computer control at the moment).
We'll post some pictures of it soon. It is a VERY simple setup, but it works. And it cost us less than 30 Euros (yes, THIRTY). The idea came from here:
Description for Image 4:
closeup of where is will be mounted against the throttle arms.
Description for Image 5:
Here you can see the cut-out nicely
Description for Image 6:
this belongs to the No. 4 throttle.
What appears to be some white spots is the wood glue (Ponal) we use to cover the whole thing with to give it a smooth surface.
The white spots are not fully dry yet.
Description for Image 7:
All thats missing is white paint and the numbers.
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