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After a long time (of thinking and pondering) I have worked on my throttle unit again. I'm gonna use the "bread cutting board" method for friction locks for my throttle levers. I'll probably also redo the board that has the notches for the flaps with a thicker "bread cutting board".

This picture shows the core part of the throttle taken out and pushed over (what you see in front is the bottom)
Description for Image 2:
Gear wheels attached to throttle levers
Description for Image 3:
The core part taken apart into two pieces, inner and outer. Flap lever can be seen on the left on the outer part.
The inner part is only a wooden frame.
Description for Image 4:
The inner wooden frame. Basically three pieces with small rectangle wooden spacers.
Description for Image 5:
All throttle levers, the flaps and the speed brake levers are mounted to one M6 threaded rod.
There are two metal pieces on each end of the threaded rod to keep it from moving when finally installed in the throttle unit.
Description for Image 6:
the levers.
Description for Image 7:
Pieces of bread cutting board for the friction locks.
Description for Image 8:
Now attached with wood screws (countersinked so they don't disturb throttle lever movemnt)
Description for Image 9:
In the back: PVC 3mm (hard foam PVC) that will be the cover for the throttle. You can see the 4 cutouts for the throttle levers.
In the front: sidepieces for the throttle switch boxes (the things where the reversers go into, and where the TOGA and AT discon switches are mounted to). They are made from printed circuit board (PCB). Two kinds: for throttle 1 and 4 the smaller ones (4 each, 3 shown) and for throttle 2 and 3 the triangular ones (still rough).
The triangular part is actually 4 screwed together. That way the all are exacly the same.
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Description for Image 11:
The throttle handle (white) and the reverser handle (not yet painted)
Description for Image 12:
The throttle unit frame. Note the cuts in the sides. They are used to slide in/out the M6 threaded rod with all the levers on it.
In the middle, the 4 pots with gear wheels (acutally one is missing).
The two M10 threaded rods on each side in the back are used to adjust and hold in place the core part of the throttle. (A little complicated ? ... Yes, but this throttle is a "grown" one. Its gone through several stages of developemnt, ideas, ... )
Description for Image 13:
Pots seen closer
Description for Image 14:
and closer
Description for Image 15:
this picture clearly shows the two cuts for the core to slide in.
Description for Image 16:
under the throttle...
The thing is pretty heavy due to all the wood, so I added some wheels to it :-)
Description for Image 17:
The "slide-in table". One aspect of the "grown" solution. This allows easier access to the pots. The inner core part can rest on this table while it can always be removed by pulling out. (ie. its not screwed on or anything)
Description for Image 18:
The inner core part in the throttle unit frame.
Description for Image 19:
slideing in the outer core part (with the inner core part removed again)
Description for Image 20:
The tricky part is to slightly lift the big gear wheels (attached to the throttle levers) over the small gear wheels and the pots.
Description for Image 21:
Now in-place.
Description for Image 22:
here's how the table fits in
Description for Image 23:
and the inner core part added to it. This makes the throttle unit nearly complete. Just the handles, reversers and throttle switch boxes are missing. (No, the bread cutting board friction locks are not finished yet)
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