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Description for Image 1:
Stephens new heli pedals. They are even adjustable. Built completely from home improvement store parts. As you can maybe see, the pedals are mounted to a board thats attached to the cockpit floor from underneath. This way, the pedals can be replaced easily by another kind (eg. GA/jet pedals instead of helicopter pedals).
Description for Image 2:
The adjustment handle is actually an from an old water faucet :-). There are some pictures on that served Stephen as a guide for building those pedals. The real ones on the pictures Stephen showed me actually looked as if they also used parts from a water faucet :-)
Description for Image 3:
The mechanism in detail
Description for Image 4:
the pedals moved
Description for Image 5:
from above
Description for Image 6:
the back part (as seen from the side). The pushrod goes into the pedestal where the potentiometer is mounted.
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