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Description for Image 1:
This gallery shows a few shots of the cockpit, but most importantly it shows the overhead panels Stephen has been working on.
This first shot shows the stick/cyclic with a piece of leather added to hide the mechanics. (see other gallies for the mechanics shots)
Description for Image 2:
The overhead with a couple of panels mounted. The overhead can actually be taken out of the ceiling.
Description for Image 3:
closer shot. These panels are not type-specific, but designed for helicopter operations.
Description for Image 4:
closeup, with Fire Ext switches that lock. You have to pull them out to move to the other position, similar to the B744 Fuel Cutoff switches on the throttle unit.
Description for Image 5:
The collective. Stephen put carpet in his sim :-)
Description for Image 6:
A panel in the making. The back side, adding contact paper (transparent sticky foil). The panels are made using stephens standard method for panels as we've used on the 744 panels long ago: The top layer is normal paper printed in color with an inkjet, leaving the panel symbols and writing white (non-printed). The next layer is a tranparency printed black where the back-light is not supposed to shine through. These two layers are then carefully aligned and glued together and then attached to a transparen plexi/acrylic/polycarbonate backer with the said contact paper.
Description for Image 7:
Front side of panel.
Description for Image 8:
An annunciator. Made from two halfes of square aluminum piping, filed down. Then a piece of parchment paper glued to the front as seen here. This serves as a very good diffusor.
sorry for the blurry picture, but that digital camera doesnt do well on closup shots.
Description for Image 9:
The back. A 3mm hole for one LED.
Description for Image 10:
Here with a green LED.
Description for Image 11:
Lit up. This works great. Just one tiny LED in conjunction with the parchment paper.
Description for Image 12:
Making the legends for the annunciators.
Description for Image 13:
Two anunciators glued to the back of a panel.
Description for Image 14:
The font of the panel.
Description for Image 15:
Description for Image 16:
Panel added to the overhead. Not lit up yet.
Description for Image 17:
And now lit up. Looks great.
The annunciators were inspired by the ideas from, one of the best resources for cockpitbuilders. Thanks Mike :-)
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