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Description for Image 1:
Long promised, here it is, Stephens own cockpit. Its a Piper J-3 Cub cockpit. Pretty good starting point for a home cockpit builder since it is a very simple cockpit (and airplane)
Description for Image 2:
Its fully enclosed (except the back), has a two part door (even with a lock) just like the real one.
Description for Image 3:
Its even moveable since he attached wheels to it.
Description for Image 4:
With open doors...
In the lower right hand side of the pic you can see that he even added "air-conditioning" (the two black fans)
Description for Image 5:
He even added the struts like in the real plane. They are made from plastic piping.
Description for Image 6:
The lower part of the door.
Description for Image 7:
Looking inside: the stick, the throttle (the lever in the left wall), mapholder, main instrument panel (no instruments yet), and the (functional!) ignition key (lower left hand side of the instrument panel).
What you see below the instrument panel is where the Cub has its fuel tank, also modelled by Stephen.
Description for Image 8:
The inside ceiling with all the struts...
Description for Image 9:
Home-made seat with homemade seatbelts
Description for Image 10:
Rudder pedals (the bigger ones) and the heel brake (smaller ones) made from bent threaded rods.
Description for Image 11:
Here's how he built his rudder linking mechanism. Like in a real one, steel wire going to the back of the plane and (not like the real one) rubber bands for the return mechanism.
Description for Image 12:
Here is the other end of the "air-conditioning". Made from cardboard, the nozzle can be directed both up/down and right/left, just like those in cars.
Description for Image 13:
The throttle lever. (And also the headphone/microphone jacks)
Description for Image 14:
The lower part of the stick. There's a modified joystick under the leather piece where the stick hooks into. Since the joystick springs are too weak, he added some rubber bands for the centering mechanism.
Description for Image 15:
Behind the seat: A pot and ...
Description for Image 16:
...under the board the linking mechanism for the rudder pedals.
Description for Image 17:
Stephen flying his Cub. On landing approach to (probably) EDFM/Mannheim City, Germany.
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