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Description for Image 1:
In this gallery you can see the collective and the two engine throttle installed in the simulator. Since Stephens cockpit is designed to be modular and for dual use (Helicopter and (GA-,Jet-,Prop-)Plane), he had to figure out a way so both will fit in and work togther nicely.
This picture shows the collective (with the throttle unit taken out).
Description for Image 2:
Stephens friction lock mechanism for the up/down movement of the collective.
Description for Image 3:
And with the throttle unit installed. It hides the collective, so the only removable part is the throttle unit. The collective box is always installed.
Description for Image 4:
Here's the two engine "quick and dirty" throttle unit.
Description for Image 5:
Where it fits in with respect of the whole cockpit...
Description for Image 6:
And the throttle unit module taken out.
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