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Description for Image 1:
The EFIS panel, now with the lower buttons added, wired up on the back side.
the DH/MDA and BARO rotaries(now actually pots) will be replaced by 2 co-axial rotaries with push button function similar to the ND Mode push button function.
Description for Image 2:
the breadboard with PICkeymatrix64 (PIC16F628, 74LS138, and MAX232) in the 64 input matrix version built on it.
Description for Image 3:
from top, a little fuzzy
Description for Image 4:
closeup of the circuit. Front to back: PIC, LS138, MAX232
Description for Image 5:
from the side, with the row and column (8x8 matrix) inputs/outputs raised up to the clips
on the left, wires going into the PIC (columns) inputs
on the right, wires coming out of the LS138 outputs, with diodes (to prevent ghosting)
Description for Image 6:
the diodes
Description for Image 7:
back of the panel, with all the wires hooked up (except the pots which will be replaced anyway)
Description for Image 8:
again the back of the EFIS panel
Description for Image 9:
The whole thing draws less than 20mA
range is set to 100mA, which means the lower scale is used (0-10) with the pointer at about 2
...Yes, I know this thing is OLD... :-)
Description for Image 10:
screenshot of the PICkeymatrix64 output in a terminal program.
with no interaction from the host, PICkeymatrix64 sends only changed states:
format: row/column:[0|1]CRLF
eg: 3/0:1\r\n
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